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''A Christmas Carol'' stirs emotions

With financial uncertainty and hardship a constant presence, this is a tough Christmas season for more people than usual.

These harsh, present day realities give the Players Guild production of Christmas Carol an added emotional resonance.

Never has hard hearted businessman Ebenezer Scrooge Christmas Day redemption seemed more necessary, nor the saving of the struggling Cratchit family (and fragile Tiny Tim!) seemed "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" more urgent.

This is the Guild 28th annual production of Charles Dickens well known holiday saga, and what I will most remember about it is the wellspring of feelings that it stirs. It is an often dark, sometimes even eerie, journey with joyous relief at its finale.

This year show is a revival of the Guild Carol musical, with a superb selection of songs from two talented local men, composer Steve Parsons and lyricist John Popa. Some are jaunty and clever, besuiting a holiday pageant. Others are ballads that convey layers of pain, regret and shifting emotions.

The song delivered by the flying Ghost of Christmas Past "Anabola Steroider Norge Lagligt" (an utterly winning Kelley Edington) is a contemporary number both rippling and haunting. Child Alone, a tender graveside duet for little Tim (Drake Spina, perfectly cast) and his grieving father Bob "Oxandrolone Powder India" (Mark McCarthy), is a major heart tugger.

Even Scrooge gets a pair of songs this time around, an early one in "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" which he mutters and humbugs about the ridiculous holiday, and a second in which he realizes, in a panic, all that he has missed in life.

There not a hint of caricature in Don Hillenbrand absorbing performance Testosterone Cypionate Negative Side Effects of Scrooge; he plays the man as a lonely, embittered soul who has buried himself in work to the Testosterone Enanthate Nedir point of complete oblivion. Scrooge gradual spiritual awakening including a memorable sequence in which he 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone wanders, almost puzzled, among a streetful of London poor feels convincing and freeing.

Christopher Gales, on the heels Sustanon 250 Efectos Secundarios of fine work in the Guild and is a warm, hearty and even mischievous presence as the Ghost of Christmas Present, and his singing voice is lustrous.

There are appealing romantic scenes between the pre humbug young Scrooge (Kristopher Ray North) and his beloved Belle (Amanda Medley), who has a memorable, emotive ballad, Have to Know. Dec. 7. See correction at end of story.)

Adding welcome levity in lighthearted party sequences are John Scavelli as Scrooge nephew Fred, Greg Riniger as impish Topper and Ross Rhodes and Cheryl Foutz as the festive Fezziwigs.

The production has evocative special effects, including strobe lights and a flood of fog, and the detailed scenery and costumes convey Olde London.

A holiday mainstay that entertains and moves, this 2009 model Carol is well worth seeing.

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Correction: Kristopher Ray North portrays young Scrooge in the Players Guild''s productioni of "A Christmas Carol." The wrong actor was named when this story was first published Dec. 5.

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