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Shaw declined the invitation.

Two things stand out about this little vignette: first, that Olympic security police seem to have a distorted notion of acceptable policing in a democracy, and second, that a good citizen can still prove them wrong.

Shaw was not the only one approached by Vanoc cops that week. According to a lawyer for the Olympic Resistance Network, officers of the Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit of the RCMP visited 14 of the group members or near their home or workplace, where they made veiled threats to with their employment or personal lives. week later, Shaw was scheduled to speak at the annual Testosterone Propionate 100mg Play the Game conference at Coventry University in England. Many who have been swallowed by Heathrow busy maw would scoff at the notion that one hour in customs constitutes detention, but the question arises, why Shaw, in particular? Was he flagged by Canadian police as an Olympic dissident?

Delegates at the conference seemed to come to that interpretation of events when they composed the Coventry Declaration, calling on Canada to in unequivocal language that all Canadians and persons visiting Canada will have their right to: 1) Security of the person, and 2) freedom of expression respected, protected, and unimpinged, as Canada Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees. week, Vancouver city councillor Ellen Woodsworth moved to have council endorse the Coventry Declaration. During deliberations, Olympic security chief Bud Mercer told councillors that in order to stave off the risk of protests at the 2010 Games, have to make contact and we have to open dialogue. He might even be able to guess that it doesn look Cialis 10mg very good to the neighbours, and even less so to the boss.

The police who conducted those visits could probably understand, too, that most citizens would prefer not to be visited by police at work. In fact, if anyone in the ISU from Mercer on down doesn get that these visits constitute police harassment, then somebody at the RCMP training centre is falling down on the job. In the future, if Olympic security police want to open Sustanon 250 Flu Like Symptoms dialogue with a community group, they might consider a telephone call or an e mail, requesting a meeting.

To "Oxandrolone Powder India" strengthen his point that protests are a possibility during the Vancouver Olympics, Mercer showed council a Tren 75 Stack couple of cartoons he pulled off the Gensci Jintropin internet. One showed the Olympic mascots carrying Molotov cocktails, the other showed a "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" banner reading 2010.

Let us not get carried away, the harassment of a group of Olympic dissenters doesn make Canada a police state, it doesn mean that we on a slippery slope to fascism, or that jackboots on the street are the next logical step. What the "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" ISU actions amount to is a bunch of cops pushing the limits of acceptable police conduct in a democracy. There no occasion for panic, all that required is to nip such conduct in the bud before it gets out of hand.

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